Short Employer Educational Video's on Individual Coverage HRA's (ICHRA's)

General Overview

ICHRA Introduction for Employers

Beginning to End Overview of the process

General Overview of how to Set up, Quote and Enroll an ICHRA(18:16)

Step by Step inroduction to ICHRASystems

1) How to Setup the Employers Home page (2:28)

2) Set up the preliminary Census to test you contribution strategy (1:19)

3) Determining the Maximum Company Cost (1:58)

4) Brief view of how Employees apply and Brokers enroll(1:10)

5) How Employer and Employee costs are accounted for (1:05)

6) Policy Payment Options for ICHRA's(8:07)

7) Forms and Compliance (2:10)

8) How Employees enroll (3:16)

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