Short Broker Educational Video's on Individual Coverage HRA's (ICHRA's)

General Introduction Video

General Introduction to ICHRA's for both Employers and Brokers (6:13)

System Begining to End

18 minute general introduction to ICHRAs for Brokers.

Brokers start here by getting their Home Page

How a Broker creates their home page from (8:16)

How a Broker creates their home page

Step by Step inroduction to ICHRASystems

1) How to Setup the Employers Home page (2:28)

2) Set up the preliminary Census to test you contribution strategy (1:19)

3) Determining the Maximum Company Cost (1:58)

4) Brief view of how Employees apply and Brokers enroll(1:10)

5) How Employer and Employee costs are accounted for (1:05)

6) Policy Payment Options for ICHRA's(8:07)

7) Forms and Compliance (2:10)

8) How Employees enroll (3:16)

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